A lot of screenshots from the Battlefield 6 trailer leaked. Logo, rockets and … a robot

battlefield screenshots

Battlefield 6 unofficially appeared on the web again. The great leak revealed many snippets of the alleged trailer of the long-awaited production.

Electronic Arts apparently has a little problem keeping the BF6 promotional material a secret

There was a little leak recently, where we saw two screenshots from the game trailer, and now there are over a dozen of these pictures available on the web. According to Reddit users, the screenshots were made available on the Discord server of the well-known informant Tom Henderson. While you can see a few details on them, they have quite a … fancy markings.

We see what Tom Henderson described a few weeks ago

On the material, we will see, among other things, the launch and explosion of the rocket. In addition, there is a new map shot, the panorama of which we saw on an earlier leak.

What’s more, the screenshots also confirm other Henderson reports. Surprisingly, one of them shows a four-legged robot resembling the Boston Dynamics machines. This, in a way, confirms the alleged location of the shares in the near future. As befits a Battlefield trailer, there were also explosions.

The icing on the cake of the entire leak is the logo of the game

Interestingly, it appeared on the web before and was considered fake. However, Tom Henderson claims that the material provided is real and actually comes from the game trailer.

At the moment, we cannot confirm whether the leak is genuine. On the one hand, it looks credible, and on the other hand, it comes from an unknown source. Ultimately, everything will become clear on the occasion of the official presentation of the game, which – as announced by EA – will take place in June.

Below are galleries of alleged screenshots of the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer.

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