Resident Evil Village review. I was afraid and I was laughing

resident evil village

Resident Evil Village has finally made its way to the players. Capcom presented fans with an extremely pleasant, but all too safe vision of horror. Some people will like the end result, while others will be a bit disappointed.

The first half of 2021 did not allow horror fans to get bored

We got really good The Medium and decent Little Nightmares 2, and naturally there were a lot of smaller, equally interesting productions for fans of horror.

The Resident Evil brand in the form of Village is also making a great comeback, which many players were longing for. The climatic seven set the bar very high and I am not surprised that the expectations towards the Village were quite high. Although Capcom’s announcements indicated that we would get a big hit, some Resident fans may not be entirely satisfied with the new installment.

The fast pace is also a carrier of a certain problem. Some events seem to be extremely naively translated even as a horror movie. The plot takes a very bizarre turn at times. The Resident Evil series has never been down-to-earth, but Village at times touches the limits of the absurd. Ethan’s adventure is full of wonderful coincidences, and he sometimes turns into a “demigod” straight from cheap action movies. It is possible to survive it, but it can hurt your eyes.

Resident Evil Village is more action than survival horror

Sometimes my uncertainty was also due to the fact that I was slowly running out of ammunition. Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game, after all. Limited resources can take a toll at times, although in my opinion a bit too rarely. When exploring the places you visit, it is easy to find ammunition and raw materials for crafting items. If we spend a little more time exploring, we are unlikely to be left without ammo. It makes the game a bit too easy, among other things.

I played on the medium difficulty level and I died literally several times during the game. Only once was it because all first aid kits were wasted. If you expect any challenge and a more real sense of threat, start the game right away on a higher difficulty level.

Four plus seven equals Resident Evil Village

In the end, the new Resident largely lived up to my expectations. This is a very good title that will appeal to fans of the series and not only. In addition, if you have been with the brand for a long time, you will find here a whole lot of references to the beloved by fans, older version of this series.

Already on the first materials from the game you could get the impression that Capcom was strongly inspired by RE4 when creating the Village. A similar atmosphere, a merchant appearing in designated places, a “haunted” village, a level in the castle, Tetris equipment and other, lesser flavors. Is it something bad? How come! RE4 is a great game, and so is the Village.

As it happens with Residentami, there is more action here than pure horror. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun. However, I am not convinced that creating a “new” part of the series by combining RE7 and RE4 is something that will satisfy the vast majority of people familiar with this world.

Capcom has created a very safe title that will appeal to both the biggest fans of RE and the average player looking for an addictive production for a couple of evenings. On the one hand, the game turned out to be good, and on the other, I hope that Resident Evil 9 will be tempted with more significant novelties. You can bite Resident in a whole host of new ways.

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