The Medium Review – Bloober divides players and reality

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The Medium sets new paths for the studio, but repeats some mistakes of its predecessors. It’s a pity because the concept is very good.

What exactly did not play and what does the game do well or even very well? Here is my review of The Medium, where you can find the answer to your question below. As a huge horror fan, I couldn’t miss Bloober Team’s newest game. I like the previous works of the Krakow studio, although I am not a fan of all the decisions made by developers when producing other titles.

The medium finally fell into my hands and I must admit that I was not disappointed

I got what I expected and exactly as I predicted – Bloober has made great progress in his profession again, but he has not learned his old bad habits. The adventure of the main character of the game – Marianne – begins almost three decades ago in beautiful Krakow. The atmosphere of the 90s even pours out of the screen and, in fact, from the beginning of the game we can see that The Medium is primarily history.

After a short introduction, Marianne sets off to the abandoned Niwa holiday resort to unravel a mystery closely related to the world of ghosts. Sounds generic? Nothing could be more wrong.

The game deals with a few delicate topics (including those related to the history of our country) and serves them in a very accessible way. I followed the fate of the main character and the side characters with bated breath, and although I think some plots could be developed much more, the story as a whole looks very good.

While the plot itself is quite linear and we are not given the opportunity to make any choices, it leaves a lot of space for interpretation and for browsing the corners in search of notes. The notes themselves enrich the story significantly and read them really well.

If you are looking for a strong, engaging and multi-threaded story, this is definitely the production for you. You will devour it in two or three evenings (it took me about 9 hours) and the satisfying ending will make you hardly think that time is wasted.

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