To watch the new Days Gone trailer, you would need a monitor for over 2,000$

days gone trailer

The premiere of Days Gone on PC today. Therefore, the premiere trailer of the game hit the web. For some reason, PlayStation decided to present the game in an unusual format that can be offered by monitors for a few thousand zlotys.

PlayStation knows how to attract players

Their marketing campaigns have used really interesting ideas more than once. Until recently, we wrote about an unusual live-action commercial, and today we want to present you the launch trailer of Days Gone for PC. From the very first seconds, most of our readers will feel a bit confused, because the video below was prepared in 32: 9 format.

The game port is to be characterized by a few diversions, among other things, the production will offer support for monitors with non-standard formats. Although currently most displays on gamers’ desks are rather designed for 16: 9, 21: 9 is also becoming more and more popular. These are also much better suited for work. You can see that the people responsible for the premiere trailer know what is best to advertise the game.

Days Gone for PC offers players a few other amenities. Many will be pleased with the support of many different controllers, including those manufactured for Xbox consoles. Support for wide monitors is, of course, one of the many graphics settings that PlayStation owners do not have access to today. Accordingly, owners of the PC edition will be able to adjust the level of graphics to the best of their hardware.

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